Let's explore the history of American music and culture tracing the cultural influences that shaped American music and the pioneers who created it. From early blues that rose up out of the fields of the Mississippi Delta in the form of work songs and spirituals and early jazz that formed from the intermingling of multiple cultures in the melting pot of New Orleans and Congo Square. The journey takes us up the Mississippi River to the electric blues of Chicago and over to New York and the improvisation and brilliance of bebop as an expression of freedom. The influences that led to early rock and roll and the multiple genres that branched out from the roots with reflections on society in the form of soul, rock, country and rap music. We use storytelling, music, art, geography and history to tell the story of America through the perspective of the artists and musicians who reflected society, pushed it forward and created the music.

Early Blues

The blues rises up from the fields of the Mississippi Delta.

Early Jazz

The melting pot of New Orleans provides a rich cultural environment to birth jazz.

Electric Blues

The blues electrifies in northern cities.

Heyday of Jazz

Jazz improvisation and cultural ambassadors define the bebop era.

Early Rock and Roll

Multiple influences and a record studio in Memphis lead to the birth of Rock and Roll.

British Invasion

In post-WWII England, the British fall in love with American blues.

Soul Music

Soul music explodes with the black power movement and finds its sound in a little town in Alabama.

Outlaw Country

The rebels leave Nashville in the dust and birth southern rock.

California Troubadours

The scene moves out west through Bakersfield and into the canyons of Los Angeles.


Ingenuity in the South Bronx creates a new genre.

Punk Rock

The cold war and capitalism send a generation over the edge.


Disillusionment is a theme for Generation X.

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